MRSA bacteria Live
72 Hours or more on stainless steel
90 Minutes on Copper
15 Minutes on SILVER!

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than one million people a year contract bacterial infections in hospitals. Silver itself is an excellent bacteria fighter, and in nanoparticle form it is even more potent at killing microorganisms. Silver has long been known to be a good antimicrobial. Today silver is a key ingredient in new high-tech, powder coated finishes that hospitals and doctor’s offices are using to protect walls, counters and other germ-gathering surfaces.

"Silver is the best all around germ fighter we have" says pioneering researcher Dr. Harry Margraf of St.Louis. Studies has shown that silver and copper surfaces eliminates many viruses and bacteria such as influenza A, MRSA and E-Coli. (J.O. Noyce, H. Michels, C.W. Keevil. 2007. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 73.8:2748-2750)

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